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I'm Back! MBTA Review & More

I'm Back! Hello everyone! I'm sure you all have been wondering where I went, as my last post was last year, in 2017. I had forgotten about this for a while, and also as I am going through college I have been focusing on other things. Also, I have not had many chances to ride any public transit in a while (though I did ride on the MBTA recently), so because I haven't been using public transportation recently, this has taken a back seat. Also, to be honest, living in Jacksonville, FL while there is public transportation (Jacksonville Transportation Authority - JTA), it isn't easy to use the system since pretty much all of Jacksonville is car oriented, and the JTA system just doesn't interest me as much. But, with all that said, I do want to continue this blog and continue to be more active. Lastly, please see the link at the bottom for a link to a transit enthusiast group, if you'd like to join, just click the link and we're happy to have you!