I'm Back! MBTA Review & More

I'm Back! Hello everyone! I'm sure you all have been wondering where I went, as my last post was last year, in 2017. I had forgotten about this for a while, and also as I am going through college I have been focusing on other things. Also, I have not had many chances to ride any public transit in a while (though I did ride on the MBTA recently), so because I haven't been using public transportation recently, this has taken a back seat. Also, to be honest, living in Jacksonville, FL while there is public transportation (Jacksonville Transportation Authority - JTA), it isn't easy to use the system since pretty much all of Jacksonville is car oriented, and the JTA system just doesn't interest me as much. But, with all that said, I do want to continue this blog and continue to be more active. Lastly, please see the link at the bottom for a link to a transit enthusiast group, if you'd like to join, just click the link and we're happy to have you!


SunRail & LYNX: Train to Plane

Currently, the SunRail commuter rail system in Orlando does not directly connect to Orlando International Airport (there is a connection in the works, dubbed "Phase 3", but is years away). So, in the mean time, the way to get to or from the airport is via the LYNX Link 111 bus. That route (or "Link") travels from the Orlando International Airport to Sea World via Sand Lake Road and the State Road (SR) 528 highway with a stop at the Sand Lake Road SunRail Station. 

The bus is scheduled to arrive at the SunRail Station within minutes of the train's schedule; Eastbound buses (to Orlando International) arrive just a few minutes after the train arrives, and Westbound buses (from Orlando International) arrives just a few minutes before the train leaves. 

SunRail fares are $2 and then an additional $1 for every county line crossed (Ex, start and end in Orange County, the total is $2; start in Seminole and end in Orange or Volusia, $3; start in Vo…

Transit Services I've Been On

In this second introduction post, here is a list of transit services I have ridden on in the past.

The list below is broken down by agency, then by route. You'll see the Route #, followed by the name (if applicable), and then the endpoints (This does not mean I have ridden the entire route, however).

Votran (Volusia County, FL) Route 1 (North Atlantic Ave: Transfer Plaza to Ormond Mall)Route 8 (Halifax Ave: Transfer Plaza to Bellair Plaza)Route 10 (Medical Center: Transfer Plaza to Halifax Medical Center/Volusia Mall)Route 11 (Mason Ave: Transfer Plaza to Flea Market)Route 17A (South Atlantic Ave: Transfer Plaza to Ponce Inlet)Route 18 (Daytona/Ormond area Circulator via Clyde Morris, Granada, A1A, International Speedway Blvd Clockwise)Route 19 (Daytona/Ormond area Circulator via Clyde Morris, Granada, A1A, International Speedway Blvd Counterclockwise)Route 20 (US HWY 17/92: Orange City Market Place to DeLand Amelia Superstop)Route 31 (US HWY 17/92: DeLand Amelia Superstop to DeBary…


Welcome to my blog! My name is Jake and I am currently a college student at University of North Florida who is studying Transportation & Logistics. This blog will be about my trips on Public Transportation as well as my advocacy for better transit options.

First a little background about myself, I have always been interested in public transportation since I was a little kid. Now that I'm older and have better views of the world, I've realized I can turn a hobby into something potentially more. So, as I said above, I am studying Transportation & Logistics so that I can work in the public transportation industry and hopefully make better transit options for people.

The Blog: 
My blog will be two parts, the first being transit reviews. When I'm able to take public transportation, I'll write a blog post about my ride. These posts may not happen often since I don't get the chance to ride transit as much as I'd like. When I do, the agencies that I'll m…